Friday, February 22, 2013

6th B - English - Ale De Nova

HOMEWORK. Friday 15th., 2013.
1. You´ve got the whole week to memorice and practice your lines. Make sure you already know your lines by heart.
2. Catch up with your daily reading. Remember this is part of your final evaluation, so hand in your daily reading record (control de lecturas) next monday 18th.

Reading comprehension.

Instructions: Read the text and answer the following questions. Your answers must be according to the text and different from the ones of your peers. Be creative and unique. Only the first 5 accurate participations will be awarded with an extrapoint in Reading.

1. Would you like to stay at Marriot Orlando World Center Resort & Convention Center? Yes, No, why?
2. Do you think your parents would like to stay at this hotel? Yes, No, Why?
3. What would you add to this hotel to make it even better?

ACCOMODATION IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA. Marriott Orlando World Center Resort & Convention Center

The world's largest Marriott with 2,000 rooms has an abundance of amenities, including two children's pools, six swimming pools and a 106-foot waterslide, a play room off the indoor pool with games, toys, videos and a TV; a video arcade with ping pong and air hockey; ; and organized daily fun like pool games, bingo, and craft projects.

Guests can enjoy the next-door championship golf course, Hawk's Landing Golf Club, or pamper themselves at the resort's spa. Children have their own activity center and the resort offers family friendly activities
Children's Activity Center: Pictures of Marriott Orlando World Center
There are comfortable rooms for families of four. Two double beds plus a small sofa that converted to a second bed gave the layout a junior suite feel. A flat-screen TV shared space on the long desk with a minibar.
Promenade Orlando Hotel Suite

The bathroom, also, is well-planned for more than one person with the bathtub/shower combo and toilet in a separate room; outside, a wide vanity with plenty of counter space held a single sink. Lightweight waffle robes in the closet were a nice touch.
The breakfast buffet at Solaris is a lavish affair, with an abundance of fresh fruit, an omelet station, and a continental breakfast/International section with smoked salmon and prosciutto. There are other restaurants ranging from sushi and Teppanyaki at Mikado to Italian at Ristorante Tuscany, to steak and seafood at Hawk's Landing. There is a Lobby Bar and Terrace, which serves up martinis and lobster quesadillas along with a view of the palm-tree-lined swimming pool.
Older kids slid repeatedly down the water slide, while parents of younger children relaxed by a hedge-protected sandy play area (the younger children adored it). Several hot tubs were popular, including one in a grotto surrounded by dramatic waterfalls on three sides. Every hour or so comes an announcement of a new supervised activity (like "spin art" and "key ring craft") kids can do. In between, little kids can find plenty to love about the children's air conditioned activity center, which has creative toys, books, TVs and games. Adjacent is a large, well-lit arcade older kids adore.
Swimming Pool at Marriott Orlando World Center in Orlando
Waterfalls, rock and palm trees bestowed a relaxing atmosphere and affordable options await just inside the hotel off the pool, where a food court had a variety of affordable fast-food options (pizza, burgers and hot dogs).

Marriott Orlando World Center Resort & Convention Center is located adjacent to the Hawk's Landing Golf Club.
8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, Florida 32821 USA
Phone: (407) 239-4200; Reservations: (800) 621-0638
Web site:
Marriott Orlando World Center Resort & Convention Center


  1. 1: Yes because it have many activities, places of entertainment, buffet and the best is that it has a huge pool.
    2: May be yes maybe not, it would remain by the activities and all of them, but the cost, No they will not stay.
    3: That the price be more cheap and a packet of 3 nights for only $500 dolars

    1. Lucio, thanks for your participation and interest, please see the following feedback:

      1. OK
      2. Please refer to the thinks tha the text mentions, that you think would help to persuade your parents stay at this hotel.
      3. The text does not mention anything about the fee, why don´t yo make a proposal related to facilities and/or services to enrich the ones mentioned in the text.

      Please, correct answers 2 and 3 to get your extra point.
      I look forward to reading your corrections soon. You can do it!!! Go on!!!

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  3. 1. Yes because is good place to stay with the famaly,lots of restaurants to have breakfast,lunch or dinner,a lot of pools, spa for the parents and kid's zone.
    2. Yes because Marriott Orlando World Center Resort & Convention Center have a lot of activities for the family.
    3. To include 2 bathrooms per each room because in the morning sometimes you wake up early and someone is taking a shower and you have to go early to a convention or something like that.


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